My friend, Voltron

Voltron Sketch+ view large image

When I was young, I would draw all the time. My two favorite things to draw were Optimus Prime and Voltron. Seeing as how I drew Optimus Prime quite a bit a couple years ago during Halloween, I thought I’d reach back to Voltron and draw him again after all these years.

I’m starting over again. Reaching back to what’s familiar — to the things that used to compel me to create. I hope that learning how to be obsessed with the process once again will yield new directions and new focus. Here’s to day one.

  • Taylor Wright

    Ha, let Guntron introduce Voltron to it’s maker:

    I’d say from about 3rd grade to my sophomore year of high school I drew waves with bitch’n tubes… then I started drawing robots and monsters and naked girls. Maybe I should try my hand at those again.

    Hows reliving old vices been working for your creativity?

  • Mike Creighton

    Naked girls is always a sure-fire winner. Beyond drawing Voltron specifically, I think that it awakened my love of drawing. I think I’ve got some projects ahead of me in the future that involve my hands actually touching real media again.

    Note: that drawing of Voltron is an illusion. It’s all Wacom magic in Photoshop with some Darken blend-mode action on someone else’s scan of paper.

  • guest

    Im writing an album at the moment is there any chance I could use this as the cover?? I know thats a big ask.