NoiseBreather 1.0

NoiseBreather 1.0 Screencap 03

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I started today wanting to make something in Processing. So, I headed over to Daniel Shiffman’s The Nature of Code online courses. I had been wanting to play with Perlin noise for some time now and just started sketching with the newest version of Processing (0118 beta).

What came out was quite the accident. So, I present NoiseBreather (that’s where you can get the source code as well). All it does is use the built-in Perlin noise generator to 1) select a position on the y-axis to draw, 2) adjust the size of the screen-captured area, and 3) pick a color from a randomly generated pallete.

While I really like the granularity of detail as the piece draws, I’m really more interested in the motion itself. So, I think I’ll play with this some more later.

NoiseBreather 1.0 Screencap 02

NoiseBreather 1.0 Screencap 01

  • Nate Horstmann

    Awesome! Sometimes it reminds me of a shark breathing, with those flappy gills they have on their necks. Random color pallete, eh? Well, they look pretty Mike like to me, which I’m always envious of, like somehow they are mysteriously toned down, but delivered in poppy combo sweetness.