Cordial Avoidance Mood Board

Cordial Avoidance Mood Board 2006-10-07+ view large image

Taking the typeface from a couple days ago and merging with the original sketch comp of the bear in a puddle, I’ve colored and created this general identity / mood board for the Cordial Avoidance label.

Definitely still needs some work. I need to continue to think about how this translates to web / web typefaces / interactive elements. Since this will likely never result in tangible artifacts (i.e. print collateral), I can definitely keep web top of mind.

  • nick main

    I’m not totally sold on the gummy image. I love the concept, and its working alright. Is it a rough or is the final design going to be rough. If so I’d like to see more sketchiness outside of the bear maybe?

    Type looks fine to me. But what do I know? Definitely prefer handdrawn there

    color’s good

    Stephanie suggested maybe using a melty cherry cordial (chocolate covered cherry) for a logo.

  • Mike Creighton

    Thanks for the feedback. I’m in agreement with you about the gummy image. After putting it through the coloring process and generally tightening things up, I’m feeling that I either need more sketchiness throughout the entire thing (i.e. push it) or that I need to retract that feeling of sketchiness and go for something more polished.

    Basically, I need this to be stylistically consistent overall. And right now it’s not.

  • Nate Horstmann

    I like the type, almost wish it was bigger so I could see more of the sketchiness of it. Something about the bears right leg, and “openess” of the goo pool next his bottom is throwing me off for some reason. Just a theory while I’m looking at it: the bear’s placement in the goo is off-centre but all the main element groups in the board are center justified, maybe this makes that “goo-space” and leg seem more prominent? Or maybe I just like gummy-bear asses.

    From previous comments, I say go sketchy, but I personally like sketchy, and not sure if that complicates things if you’re going for a minimalist theme.