Image Topography Renders

image topography render - 2006-10-08 - 01

What started as a way to generate interesting compositions for real paintings that I would paint for my baren walls, turned into an afternoon of fooling around in 3D in Processing. I’m working on some sort of algorithm that makes use of real image data to generate a topographic map. I’m blending that data with some perlin noise to get more natural sweeps and undulations in the form itself.

Here are some more of the results:

image topography render - 2006-10-08 - 02

image topography render - 2006-10-08 - 03

image topography render - 2006-10-08 - 04

Note: These aren’t really renders. They’re just screen dumps from Processing using real-time OpenGL with hardware anti-aliasing turned on. I can manipulate the camera with basic keyboard commands to try and find a nice composition.

  • Taylor Wright

    Mike, you’re the greatest.

  • Mike Creighton

    Naw, Taylor. You’re the greatest.

  • olivia

    Loving it! and the vibrancy… would be great printed gigantic on canvas, or a huge mural with slight relief :)