Productivity in the Nude

I just got back from a benefit called Nude Aid: An Erotic Art Making and Give Away Benefit for the Center for Sex and Culture. I’m not going to go on about the event. It was simply a great time with a great turnout. Carol Queen and Lady Monster did an excellent job of putting it together.

My role this evening: I basically had to churn out about 20 pieces of “art” in 4 hours. I’ll let you do the math. And since I had already done the math, I realized that I needed to stick to a medium that was not terribly messy and would prevent me from getting into the details. Here are the pieces in all their blurry glory — or at least most of them. Sadly, I forgot to take pictures of quite a few.

Pieces created by Mike Creighton at Nude Aid+ view (very) large image

  • Nate Horstmann

    The fact that you can see definition in the back muscles of the one on the top right and the negative underwear, freakin mad steez.