Wall of Rotation

Last night, my friend Shikhiu and I got all kinds of nerdy. After an hour of watching him play World of Warcraft, we got on the MBPs and started toying around with Quartz Composer, cubes, the iSight, and the Replicate in Space macro patch. I accidentally wound up creating something in the same vain as my previous Image Topography Renders. Here are the results:

Wall of Rotation Screenshot 1+ view (very) large image

Wall of Rotation Screenshot 2+ view (very) large image

Wall of Rotation Screenshot 3+ view (very) large image

And then I’ve also got a video:

You can check out the higher-res Quicktime here.

Finally, I neat little glitch / bug when using a Quartz Composer Composition as a screen saver in OS X occurs when you leave the background trasparent in your composition. Here’s a nice little gem that came up last night:

Wall of Rotation Screenshot Glitch+ view (very) large image

UPDATE: If you wanted to snag the oh-so-simple source file, you can do that too:

  • http://psi-o.net/agsystems agsystems

    wowzers! i love that glitchiness!

    /googles for quartz composer tutorials