visp Output Sample 001

visp output 001

I don’t want to say a whole lot about this image other than these things:

  • I’m making a VJ application using Flex, ActionScript 3, and Apollo.
  • This is the beginning of some content for the app.
  • This looks awful in real-time (the motion is pretty uninteresting), but the output is interesting.
  • I basically “drew” this with a MIDI controller. Very awkwardly, I might add.
  • This is absolutely a rip-off of some of the approaches to the renders from this Flickr set called “particlesystem” by lennyjpg. It will evolve because, as I said, the real-time motion simply isn’t interesting.
  • Taylor Wright

    The image looks exciting, I can see the inspiration from lennyjgp’s stuff and why you’d find it inspiring.
    I’d like to see the motion… as uninteresting as it may seem at the moment it’d be nice to see the progression to it’s final manifestation. You can then astound everyone with how far you’ve pushed the idea from it’s inkling. Don’t let the kids from Podunk hold you down brutha.

  • hebchop

    This is great. I love the blatant credit to lennyjpg, Love his stuff. I’m currently working on (ripping-off) emulating some of Natzke’s process, his work keeps me awake at night wondering how he did it.