visp Output Sample 002

visp output 002

So, I’ve been moving further with my VJ application. These are some shots that I’ve taken after sprucing up the original “sketch” from my last post — making it a little bit more performance-friendly. I’ve really been working on features more than anything today, but keep bouncing back to the creative stuff every now and then.

Videos tomorrow perhaps?

visp output 003

visp output 004

  • Taylor Wright

    Be Aggressive, B-E Aggressive, B-E A-G-G-R-E-S-S-I-V-E. That’s the only cheer I remember, mainly due to a Faith No More song. Anyways, this is exciting stuff, great to see it come along, keep it up. (since there’s little I can do in the way of technical support, I can at least provide morale support).

  • jenn clemente

    great to sneak a peek at the fabulousness that is to come….go mike!

  • vade

    Nice. Id love to see this in motion, looks lovely. Curious about the app.

    Keep it up, and keep posting.