visp video output 001, 002, & 003

[first output removed due to suck. updated 08/08/2007.]

And thus we have some real-time video output. So, what I’m working on right now is a fairly versatile piece of content that still needs a bit more pushing. But I think I can pretty much sign this one off as finished.

This would be the second video from a second capture session.

And finally the third video captured this evening from that second session. Forgive me for not elaborating more, but it’s kind of late. If you’ve got questions, I’ll follow up with answers. And for the record, I will be releasing this VJ software as open-source, cross-platform software and I will be doing a run-through of its functionality and features.

You can expect that after April 28th, as I’m doing all of this for two upcoming gigs. After the 28th, I’ll be free to focus on cleaning up the code, documenting it (better), and shooting some video to show what this software does (from an interface perspective).

One thing I will note is that pretty much all motion is controlled by hand in these clips via a MIDI controller. And I’m not showing off all that this particular piece of content can do (gotta save something for the night).

  • Nick Main

    pretty slick rick. Wish I could see what you’re doing and how responsive it is, but it appears to have elements appearing and moving in time to the music, so I’d call it successful.

  • Mike Creighton

    It’s pretty much instantly responsive, and after the actual gigs, I want to set up a little video documentation rig that shows what’s going on in the software UI and records what’s going on with the MIDI controller. Hopefully that’ll help convey the mechanics of all of it.

  • Taylor Wright

    Looks great, can’t wait to see it live. How are the vector shapes generated? Are you randomly drawing and storing them at run-time or are they predefined? If you are generating them at runtime is there any user / audio input that defines the shape?