visp Delayed

I’ll make this short and sweet. visp doesn’t have all of its baseline features fully implemented. Those features include some really fundamental capabilities like MIDI learn, loading a module or filter from any location on your computer, or saving your “playlist”. Those last couple features hinge on some functionality that isn’t currently in the public alpha release of the Adobe Apollo runtime. A new preview release beta was released about a week ago which apparently updates the runtime to include this new functionality. This is not available to the public right now, however.

I want visp to be useful (and usable) for anyone that decides to try it out. So, I’m deciding to hold off on releasing for just a bit longer until the next public alpha / beta of the Apollo runtime is released. I might do a small “preview release” of my own that supports the current public alpha version of the Apollo runtime, but if I do, then the release will not have all of the functionality in it that will make it a useful application.

I’ll try to work toward that this week, as I’d love to get it into peoples’ hands. Thanks for your patience.

  • Michal B

    I hope it will be out soon, so I can finaly play with it! ;)

    My regards.