visp Release Update

visp v1 Interface Screenshot+ view actual pixel screenshot image

I’ve got a long list of excuses and a short list of completed milestones. However, visp is still moving forward (believe it or not). Here’s what I’ve done since the first preview post:

  • Revised functionality (by taking a lot of the more complicated and not-100%-solid features out)
  • Revised interface size so that it’ll work with 1024×768 screens (since that’s likely to be the minimum resolution for most laptop VJs)
  • Created a consistent API for creating media modules, filter modules, and transition modules
  • Set up the proper destination site and domain along with the Subversion respository
  • Combed through source code to keep formatting and variable naming consistent
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Updated codebase to use the latest public release of Apollo (beta 1) and Flex Builder 3 (beta 1)
  • Rewrote the MIDI proxy to be usable with all MIDI devices and not dependent on Processing (to reduce memory and processing overhead).
  • Rewrote the input interface so that media can be controlled via on-screen UI elements (sliders and buttons)

I’ve still got some more items to go. I want to make sure folks have proper documentation and tutorials for creating their own media, filters, and transitions. I also want to make sure that simply getting the projects set up in Flex Builder 3 is very straight forward (i.e. step-by-step instructions). There will be a 1.0 release in mid-September; I have an Adobe Edge Newsletter article being published on visp, so it has to be done.

Thanks for your continued patience, everyone.

  • Kurt Silver


    are yo udoing a mailing list on this product? sign me up

    I would love to hear your news when time permits.