visp Officially Released

visp Release Logo

It definitely took some time. But it’s finally out. And just when I thought I had all my bases covered, Adobe has just released a new public beta of AIR along with a new public beta of Flex 3. This renders two very crucial tutorials that I put together obsolete. I’ll be working this week to update those two tutorials.

For now, if you’re willing to brave it, here are the links a few folks have been waiting for:

I do want to say that visp has definitely been created with programmers in mind. You build your custom media from the ground up. I’ve tried to simply encapsulate things into the flash.display.Sprite class as a base (for custom media) and provide an easy API for handling both software UI input along with MIDI input.

If you’ve got questions, problems, bugs, or simply need some help, please head over to the Mailing List. I won’t be answering anything in the comments of this post. On the list, I’ll do my best to answer in a timely manner. And if you’ve got feature requests, they’ll be duly noted. But remember, this is opensource software, so you’re more than welcome to build the features yourself.

  • vade

    Congrats on the 1.0 release. I look forward to playing with it!

  • Daniel Hai

    Congrats man :). I look forward to playing with it myself. Are you @ MAX?

  • Mike Creighton

    Not at MAX. My boss is though — he’s getting super excited for Flex 3. Curious to see what comes of all the stuff that’s announced.

  • hebchop

    Congrats. The app looks great. Hopefully a community will develop for folks to swap renderers.