Form Iteration Output 001

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I’ve decided to spend some time again with Processing after all this work with Flash, Flex, and ActionScript 3. Much of tonight dealt with exploring the Processing 3D-related syntax and making tools for working in the environment. Took me a very long time to correctly position a spotlight. But, now I’ve got some code for shifting things like that around with keys at runtime.

This sketch is the first of what will be many iterations, I’m sure. The next step is hooking this visual up to some audio — specifically an audio map — and affect values of position / height based on that map. I want to create a concrete image of the entire snapshot of a song or a specific chunk of it. I like the idea of making a “tangible” object out of something that so clearly lives in temporal space. Hopefully this will bring some new meaning to audio artifact.

  • hebchop

    Looks great! I haven’t played with processing in a while. I’ve only done some real basic stuff. Never any lighting. What are the other benefits of using Processing for tinkering w/ audio vs. Papervision and AS3?

    Looks great, can’t wait to see it with some motion;)