Lifestream in Flash 9 Lifestream v1+ view the live lifestream at

Back in June I ran across a blog post chronicling the implementation of a “lifestream” online (read Streaming My Life Away). The idea has been something I’ve wanted to execute for some time, but only earlier this week did I get up enough gusto to try it out.

Instead of using a PHP script to cobble together multiple RSS feeds that are part of my life, I decided to use Yahoo! Pipes since it’s free, it aggregates feeds without my having to write code, and it sorts the individual feed items according to their publish date. You can take a look at the final pipe if you’re interested. Very simple stuff. The feed sources are coming from my Flickr page (seeing), my page (hearing), my page (reading), my Twitter page (doing), and this blog (making).

Lastly, I’m taking that pipe (RSS feed) and using a visualization of it as my personal website. Take a look at I’m using Flash CS3 / Flash Player 9 and ActionScript 3 to make it all go. I haven’t done a ton with AS3 in Flash CS3, so I’m also using this as an exercise to get my feet wet. This current incarnation should be considered a functional wireframe at this point.

Oh, one more thing. If you want to do anything with Yahoo! Pipes within Flash, be aware that there’s no crossdomain.xml at the domain. You’ll need to change the domain of the URL of the pipe from to That’ll make it work with your web-facing Flash piece.

UPDATE: Corrected the links that point to the example. They’re now at

  • hebchop

    This is awesome mike! I haven’t used Pipes yet, looks pretty neato. Have you checked out SWX yet? Nice clean way to get data out of your favorite social web apps.