Shape Iteration 001

Shape Iteration 001 - 01

Today I decided to try to use mxmlc as my compiler for Flash stuff. But, having recently acquired an FDT Enterprise license, I wanted to use that instead of Flex Builder. Found a great tutorial at for how to compile an AS3 Project with FDT. Also found an excellent ActionScript 3 library for managing library assets (both loaded at runtime and at compile time) over at Tink’s site.

So, in this post you can see some captures from the output of the experiment. And you can check out the actual thing here:

Shape Iteration 001

As you can see, I’m playing with noise and form multiplicity. Again.

Shape Iteration 001 - 02

Shape Iteration 001 - 03

Shape Iteration 001 - 04

Shape Iteration 001 - 05

  • Larry

    Ok, I admit it, you’re smarter than me. Ouch!

  • vade

    Lovely. Simple, effective. I like!

  • Tink

    Really nice stuff.