Untitled Work In Progress

Untitled Work In Progress 2008-09-27+ View the drawing on Flickr

After a much-deserved kick in the ass from Allison, I picked up an old unfinished piece today. A long time ago (like 5 years, I think), my friend Nick stained a bunch of cardboard, cut it up, and handed it to all his friends. He wanted everyone to do a piece.

Of course, I started, but never finished.

5 years later, I’m working on it again. I’m just going to see where it goes. All I know is that it’s really gratifying watching volume emerge from hatching. This might spawn a series. Not that I’ve ever done a series.

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  • Adam G

    Cut it up into three or more pieces and relish in instant series creation :)

  • Jeanne Reynolds

    I am always so amazed by your drawings. What talent!