Untitled Conté Drawing Progress 02

Untitled Conte Drawing 004

An update for tonight’s progress.

It’s probably best that I start taking photos of this thing upright, so that’s what you’ll see from now on. In case you’re wondering, the dimensions for this piece are about 20″ x 26″, though it’ll get trimmed down a little bit once it’s finished.

Tonight’s progress was mostly about re-measuring, since I eyeballed everything last night. It’s not precise, but it’s good enough. I also spent some time looking for conté drawings that were done on a middle-value colored ground but only used black and white conté crayons. There’s not much out there. The last time I tried this, things got rather muddy, and I found that using the ground as a “middle grey” made the work feel unfinished.

In other words, this is a warning: this piece might get fucked up the more I work on it.

I’m also thinking about what to do next. Most of my work (art, design, programming) tends to be really precise and tight. I have a hard time loosening up. In my eyes, this tends to make the work a little devoid of “style”. So, for the next piece, I want to start experimenting more. I’m going to try to inject something that gives the work a more human quality.

I have no idea what that means.

By the way, I know the middle finger looks a little wonky right now. It’ll get fixed when more value’s laid down.

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