Noise Column

Noise Column Screenshot+ Play with Noise Column.

There’s an ActionScript contest going on (believe it or not). It’s called The 25-Line ActionScript Contest, and I decided to enter it. I’m posting the output here, but not the source. I’ll put that up once the contest is over.

Anyway, for now, just click on the image above and play. It’s microphone-reactive, so go ahead and blow into your mic. If you don’t have one, it’ll still do stuff. Caveat: you must have Flash Player 10 installed.

UPDATE (12-29-2008):

Now that the contest is over, I’m posting the source code for your dissection. You should be able to open up Adobe Flash CS4, create a new ActionScript 3.0 project, and paste it into the Actions window on the first frame of the timeline. Enjoy!

  • aqm

    wow, that’s awesome. i had a lot of fun whistling into the mic. wishing it recorded what i did. cool stuff.

  • Rt

    Does this require CS4?
    I’m still poor and saving for it, so I have Flash CS3, but I have installed Flash Player 10.
    I’m gettng the following error when creating an ActionScript 3.0 Flash CS3 file and running,

    Line 61, 1084: Syntax error: expecting identifier before lessthan.
    var triCommands : Vector. = new Vector.();

    Line 80, 1084: Syntax error: expecting identifier before lessthan.
    var triPoints : Vector. = new Vector.();

    I think it is, because even though Flash Player 10 is installed, the Publish Settings don’t show Flash Player 10 as an option, only up to 9, but the Flash 10 player is definately installed.


  • Mike Creighton


    It does require CS4. You need to use CS4 or the Flex 3.2 (or higher) SDK to create a Flash Player 10 SWF. You won’t be able to publish this with Flash CS3.