Wiimote Holder and Glove Completed

IR LED Glove

I spent today doing two things. 1) Making the thing that suspends the Wiimote above my desk. 2) Making the modifications to a glove so that it’ll hold the LED assembly I made yesterday. Above, you can see the finished glove, which uses velcro to hold the battery pack in place and a scrap of t-shirt to hold the actual LED in place.

And below, you’ll see a WIP shot of the cardboard enclosure that wraps the Wiimote:

Wiimote Holder in Progress

Here’s what the finished structure looks like:

Wiimote Holder

This is just cardboard, duct tape, and a couple screws to hold it against the wall. Right now, my biggest concern revolves around the FOV of the Wiimote. I need to do some tests tonight or tomorrow to make sure it can see my whole drafting table when it’s tilted at an angle.

And since I’m going to be taking more pictures than should be shown here, I’ve created a Flickr set documenting the process of this project.

And finally, a little walk-thru of the stuff in meat-space:

  • http://www.plasticbit.com Kim

    Lookin’ good! Nice use of duct tape.

  • http://www.allisonqmccarthy.com aqm

    what happened to this project? more!