Wiimote Calibrator Demo

I really didn’t think this was going to get finished today, but I managed to create the calibrator for tracking my glove using the Wiimote. Here’s a video demoing how it works:

It’s written in Processing, uses the WiiuseJ open source Java library (which I highly recommend, at least on the Windows side), and leverages the “Warper” class from Johnny Chung Lee’s Interactive Whiteboard project for mapping the x,y position of my hand on my desk to the correct x,y position in my Processing sketch.

I ended up moving the contraption that holds the Wiimote up as high as I could, since the FOV was definitely cramped (and still is). I think I need to open up the hole in the cardboard holder a bit so the FOV gets extended even more.

I ran into an issue with the tracking becoming very unreliable if the IR LED wasn’t pointed directly at the Wiimote up above. To compensate, I created a little cone out of aluminum foil and wrapped it around the LED. It has a wedge that’s open and faces the general direction of the Wiimote. This definitely did the trick as the light from the LED reflects off the foil and creates a much bigger target for the Wiimote to see.

Now I can start moving onto the other physical components of this piece.

  • http://www.plasticbit.com Kim

    Great to see it coming together!

  • http://www.shauninman.com/ Shaun Inman

    You crazy kid. Favorite part of the video: “So now I have a pretty cool calibration utility for…uh, checking out where my hand is on my desk.”

  • http://www.mikecreighton.com Mike Creighton

    Ha. Hopefully the usefulness of the utility will become more apparent over the coming weeks. But seriously, who wouldn’t pay big bucks to have a computer tell them where their hand is on a desk?