Browse the Site Visually

Screenshot of the new Grid Browser+ View the Grid Browser.

Today at 2AM I started getting a lot of traffic from StumbleUpon — well, a lot of traffic by my standards. I realized that for new visitors, there’s nothing that really indicates just how much content is actually on this site. I also tinker with a bunch of mediums, and that’s not apparent either.

So it hit me: I need some sort of “discovery” mechanism. I finally have a lot of content, and even I want to be able to see it all at-a-glance. So today, the Grid Browser was born.

On that page, there’s an all-up view of the visually-oriented content on the site. Also, in the header area of each page, you’ll find a little “grid strip” that pulls up 7 random pieces. I’m hoping these things encourage a little more exploration for people.

Tomorrow, I think I’ll put in a little tool tip that calls out the post’s name for each image. I might even go so far as to make the big grid sortable.

  • Kim

    Nice feature! Visually engaging