Beginning a Redesign 2009 Redesign Comp 1

I’ve started the redesign of my portfolio site. I created a lot of crappy looking stuff in the last two days, and I’ve finally reached a design direction I’m happy with.

I’m trying to get something up by the end of the weekend, so we’ll see how that goes.

Did I mention that designing is f’ing hard? Here’s another screen: 2009 Redesign Comp 2

  • Nate Horstmann

    Wow are the grid of color blocks in the bg drawn dynamically from the values in the currently displayed portfolio item, or wait, a very zoomed portion of the image with some regular hairline somehow drawn between each “pixel”?

  • Mike Creighton

    It’s the latter — a very zoomed portion of the image with a 2px hairline drawn between each “pixel”. I’m actually duplicating this super-cropped image. One layer acts as the background. One layer sits on top with a blend mode of hard light.

    That top-most layer is then masked by a Sprite containing a grid of squares, separated by a 2px margin on all sides. You can see the effect in action in the next post: