A New Portfolio Site

mikecreighton.com Screenshot+ Visit the new mikecreighton.com.

Well, that took long enough. Last night I launched the new version of mikecreighton.com. This morning, I polished up a couple things, so technically this post is a “YESTERDAY, CREATED.” update.

There’s still some work to do, like hooking the content up to ExpressionEngine, implementing this “Faust” technique, and sticking some Google Analytics events in there.

But for now, I’ve got something fresh online representing some of my work.

  • http://www.lawriecape.co.uk Lawrie

    Wow, I love it!
    The transitions are amazingly smooth. Great job. Did you write the mosaic transition and background code from scratch?
    I also noticed you mention your use of CasaLib quite a lot. I’ve had a quick look at it before, but other than the destroyable movieClips and additional Array functions, I’ve not explored it much. Any particular feature you find useful? It’s such a big library, it’s a bit daunting!

  • http://jacobmake.com jacob

    Bitmap grid goodness. Very nice iteration.

    Those Obscura folks are seriously talented mofos. What they do looks like lots of fun.

  • http://www.mikecreighton.com Mike Creighton

    @Lawrie: Thanks for checking it out. I wrote the mosaic transition / background code. In this project I tried using GTween as my tweening engine (good speed and API), and always rely on CASA Lib as my foundational library.

    I collaborate on CASA Lib with its creator, Aaron Clinger (former co-worker). You should check out the CASA Lib blog; we’re trying to post articles to help introduce people to the various classes. My newest favorite additions are the LibraryLoad and LibraryManager classes in the latest release.

    @jacob: Thanks, dude. Yeah, the guys at Obscura Digital are ridiculously talented. They make up new technologies, have incredibly high production quality standards, and continually impress me with the scale and level of innovation in their work. Always fun visiting their office because they’ve got all this stuff to play with.