Design Revised Screenshot+ Visit the new

I just want to say that I got lots of great feedback from friends and strangers regarding the redesign of my portfolio site. And thanks to all of you for it.

The two biggest issues (and I whole-heartedly agree):

  1. The logo was weak and didn’t fit in.
  2. The italic typeface didn’t read well in longer chunks.

So, instead of spending days on a logo treatment, I just put my name up in big, simple VAG Rounded Bold. And I used it for any type that was living on a white ground. I think things got balanced out with the change. Feeling better about it now, at least from the side of legibility.


  • Nate Horstmann

    Hooray, great job Mike the new site puts great amounts of goodness into my eyes!

  • Patrick James

    Wow. Your site is amazing. Very smooth, and the typeface looks great! :)