Flow Lives, but Now with No Glove

Last year, I started a pet project called “Flow“. The point of the project was to find some intersection with more traditional art-making techniques and my interests in the digital realm.

Well, that itch has resurfaced, and I realized I was making things way too complicated. This time, I’ve turned to using some open source tools for the data capture portion of the project. Components include:

It’s actually really simple to get set up. Here’s a little demo of how it all comes together.

Next steps include making a client to listen for the TUIO data generated by CCV. I’m probably going to opt for an AS3 AIR client, since it’ll be fastest for me to create. Then create a web application that captures and stores this data. This I’ll build in CodeIgniter, again, since it’ll be fastest for me to create in this environment.

I’ve got a lot of stuff on my plate this month, and I want to participate in this month’s NaNoDrawMo on top of it. So, we’ll see where things net out.

  • http://redlamp.org Taylor

    Looking good. I wish my 360 cam blinged the same way yours does.