Flow – First Real Drawing Captured

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I’ve been waffling for the last couple of weeks on what I want the subject matter to be for my Flow project. There are so many possible themes, and I feel interested in all of them. But I don’t know what I want the “seed” to be — the subject matter of the hand-drawn images themselves.

But I’m sick of procrastinating. It’s not getting me anywhere. I do know this: I’ll be using oil pastels for this project. I really want color, but don’t want to invest in a lot of paints and additional supplies. I’ve had these oil pastels sitting around for over a year, threatening to use them for this project. Finally it’s starting to happen.

I’ve got about 11MB of data captured with this drawing, which took about 3 hours to make in its entirety. Tonight I’m going to see what sorts of things I can do to turn the data into something interesting.

  • Kim

    Was wondering what happened to Flow! Glad to hear you’ll be gathering some data.

  • http://www.mikecreighton.com Mike Creighton

    Yeah, I was wondering what happened to Flow, too.

    A couple weeks ago I created a really simple visualizer of the raw data that saves out a PDF of the recorded “strokes” and renders them as lines.

    When I ran this data set through that visualizer, I was completely overwhelmed with a) the density of the data and b) the fact that you could completely make out what the cumulative strokes were trying to represent. This has me hopeful because I think it means my data set is good.

  • Nate

    Very cool, would not mess with this dude. I’m liking these haunting colors a lot.