Exploring the Data

This is a representation of the 180,000+ points of data that were captured during the processing of making my last drawing. They’re quick sketches done with Processing and the toxiclibs Processing library (specifically for the Verlet physics engine).

The first step here was to create something cumulative, just so I could see the data over time. The end goal (originally) was to create a data renderer that created a static piece (or pieces) that could stand side-by-side with the original drawing, like a diptych. But embedded in that goal is an attempt to bring forth the energy and motion that went into the original drawing. That’s why I created this whole system in the first place.

I’m not there yet, but I think you need to swim in the data for a little bit before you can get a sense of what it really is.

  • Nate

    Hooray for Flow data! It’s pretty amazing how much the form is coming through here at this speed.