This is so stupid.

But it’s like a black triangle for me. It represents the following:

  • I’ve somehow actually retained all I learned about C++. In fact, I see the language even clearer now, bizarrely.
  • I can now make pointers to pointers to pointers of things and still get to the most deeply-nested data in that relationship (something I absolutely could not wrap my head around a couple months ago).
  • I successfully started using memo’s MSAPhysics library for openFrameworks, which isn’t so different from toxi’s Verlet physics engine in his library.
  • I can make stuff look like sperm.

But seriously, this sperm thing is moving based on the data captured in the drawing from a few nights ago.

So, I’ve got the data. I’ve got the basic framework for traversing and manipulating the data. And I’ve got an idea of what I want to focus on (finally). And no, I’m not focusing on making stuff that looks like this.

But tonight was a good start in a solid direction.