Making Velocities Visible

Oil Pastel Test 01 - Render 03 Capture

Below is a 60 second render from the data set captured from this drawing.

Aesthetically, this is completely off the mark from what I’ve got in my mind’s eye. But in doing each of these exercises, I’m getting more familiar with C++ programming and openFrameworks and the various add-ons that exist out there.

And I’m also refining my general goals for the first set of “pieces” I want to create with this Flow system:

  1. Show the energy and motion of each stroke. This needs to be visible even in a static render.
  2. Avoid random as much as possible. The work needs to exhibit clear intention.
  3. Create something dimensional, structural.
  4. Work within “moments” of the data set, not its entirety.

I’m going to try to make sure whatever it is I come up with adheres to these main goals for now.

  • nshowe

    I really like your work. The things you are doing as visual renderings of patterns and with programing are really pretty great. I also find it cool that you are trying to get yourself to draw every day. That feeds my need.

    A kindred spirit