The Start of a Portrait

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Yesterday at the BACAA open studio sessions, I started a new drawing. Same model. Same pose. This time I wanted to try to do a portrait. At this point, I’m getting in the first layer of the darker values. I think I concentrated too much on getting the rendering of the form “right” in the first pass, which is a big no-no.

The proportion of her lips and their distance to her nose is off right now, which is why the lips are half-erased — a reminder for myself next week to start with the fixing of that area.

I’m probably going to end up doing what I’ve done in the past with some of my other charcoal drawings which is get things looking technically decent, then sort of smudge over everything… lighten things up… get things “unfocused”… and finally go back through with a more gestural quality to the mark-making.

These past few weeks at the studio sessions have forced me to focus on measuring and really observing: two things I don’t generally spend enough time on.