Drawing with Architecture

Oil Pastel 01 Cinder Output 02 - 1 / 3+ View large.

Oil Pastel 01 Cinder Output 02 - 2 / 3+ View large.

Oil Pastel 01 Cinder Output 02 - 3 / 3+ View large.

Lots of new stuff learned over the weekend. Here’s a summary:

  • Really understand basic OpenGL lighting now.
  • Understand how to do basic material coloring now.
  • Learned how to texture a quad!
  • Starting to learn some things about the Boost C++ libraries.
  • Finally remembered that OpenGL is a state machine.

I think I actually (finally) have enough know-how to execute what I’ve got going on in my head. It’s going to require some refactoring of code, but I don’t feel like I’m up against an unclimbable wall anymore, which is precisely how I felt by the end of the day on Sunday.

I still think this looks boring / uninteresting, but it’s just another step closer and a lot of lessons learned.

Here’s a video render of what it looks like in realtime:

Update on 04-29-2010: The C++ framework that I’m using has just been released to the public. It’s called Cinder. Big ups to Andrew Bell, Robert Hodgin, and The Barbarian Group for all the time and effort put into releasing such a powerful and fun open source framework for creative coding!

  • http://www.airtightinteractive.com felix

    Looks promising. What dev setup are you using? OpenFrameworks?

  • http://www.mikecreighton.com Mike Creighton

    Hey Felix! I’m actually using a beta release of Cinder… the wonderful C++ framework about to be released by The Barbarian Group. I’m sure you’ve seen Robert Hodgin‘s use of it over the past couple years.

    That plus Xcode (since I’m on a Mac)… though Cinder makes cross-platform development super duper easy.