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I feel like there have been some omissions here as of late. While I haven’t been drawing as much I as could, I have been doing some sketching. Work has sort of ground things to a near halt.

Two months ago, Nate and I decided to make an official project out of our “Constraints” collaboration we started way back in 2007. We’re calling it:

Finding Constraints

We tried posting it all to Flickr at first. But I wanted to get away from that community and just make it something for us.

We’re at the end of our second month, and it’s been an admittedly crazy busy couple of weeks, so we both got behind. Out of sheer exhaustion from being at the computer tonight, I turned back to my sketchbook to round out my seventh drawing for the month (above).

That one and the one below are my favorites from the month. I like what I’ve omitted in each of them… and the tension between the fruit. I guess it’s just nice not to draw everything I see all the time… creates a more compelling image sometimes.

Cheers to the omissions.

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