Female Standing

Female Standing (Final)+ View the piece on Flickr.

So, what started as an exercise in getting back to doing some larger scale drawing turned into an exercise of learning to rework. I started drawing this thing simply out of a need to draw. Then I got immediately frustrated with where things were going. Then I Just kept pushing it. Getting it somewhere. Then making a mess all over it. Rinse and repeat.

It’s pretty amazing how malleable a drawing can be. I remember when I first started messing about with charcoal — the first time since college, that is — back in November of 2009 (see NaNoDrawMo drawing #7). It felt really rigid and tough. The marks all felt final.

But it doesn’t feel like that anymore. And even though I’ve been off the drawing kick for a few months, I feel like I’ve retained everything I learned along the way since November… and moreover, that it’s even a little bit easier now. Funny how stepping away for a while can do that.

You can see where this drawing was when I stopped last night:

Female Standing (WIP)+ View the piece on Flickr.

I need to keep doing this (and yes, I realize I say that a lot in these posts) — I need to keep drawing.

  • Eduardo

    I really like the ligth in this one c: