NaNoDrawMo Drawing 14

NaNoDrawMo 14/50+ View the piece on Flickr.

Slight departure tonight. For a while I’ve been meaning to try to draw in a very specific style. Inspired by the drawings of Wes Burt and Joao Ruas, I’m fascinated with their sense of volume and quality of light. And the overall softness of everything.

While I don’t feel like I’m necessarily emulating what they’re pulling off, for me the last seven or eight drawings I’ve done have shifted how I see volume in a pretty significant way. I’m actually starting to get a sense of the topology and overall form of the face in this one. But drawing like this takes a very long time, so I dunno if I’ll attempt more in this vain.

  • Mihir_11891

    amazing man…….really awesome work ………

  • TobySaunders

    I feel that’s actually one of the stronger works.