Jake and Allison

Jake+ View the drawing on Flickr.

Allison+ View the drawing on Flickr.

Today The Stables had a 4-hour workshop focusing on The Portrait. Pretty humbling experience for me. It had been a [seemingly] very long time since I had drawn from life. And Alec and Joe are really good artists (the guys that run the Stables and the workshop).

So I was definitely fumbling and mis-measuring a bunch during the drawing of Jake from above. But with lots of erasing and re-measuring and remembering how to see, I managed to pull out a decent likeness.

Allison’s portrait was more successful only in the sense that I had the measurements down much quicker. Probably because I was warmed up by this point. But I failed to capture the beautiful volume that describes the form of her head.

Beginning to think that it really is better to find a middle value before attempting to lay down other values — that way you can find that volume much easier. But today’s workshop was more about measurement techniques and accurately seeing.