FITC Toronto Presentation Follow-up

FITC Harnessing the Abundance Title Slide

Wow. That was fun. I had the opportunity this morning to kick off FITC Toronto 2011 with my presentation titled “Harnessing the Abundance“. Thanks to all you wonderful people who attended:

FITC Audience

I wanted to get something up ASAP as a follow-up, so you know where to get all the notes and reference images that I referred to during the presentation.

First, the notes:

Harnessing the Abundance Notes

Second, a bunch of links that demo some of the bits I showed during the talk:

Also, all the software and tools that I wrote and released during the creation of Flow can be found over at this Google Code project: (if link is down, check here instead.)

Feel free to hit me up on Twitter (@mikecreighton) or email () with any comments or questions or anything you’d simply like to share. Again, big thanks goes out to all who attended my presentation, and to the FITC crew for giving this awesome opportunity!