Goodbye, Internet.

Internet Dear John Letter+ See it large on Flickr.

I haven’t given up on this thing. I’ve simply reached the threshold where I recognize I’ve got a problem. I think we’re all suffering from it to some degree. You know it. I know it. It’s that itch. That need to check. But what are we checking? What are we afraid we’ll miss?

I’m sick of puzzling out the answer to that question.

Instead, I’m turning to engaging with meat-space communities for a bit. Having verbal, dimensional conversations. Meeting new people. Trying social activities.

I’ve found that posting my work online has me rushing the work. I’m much more influenced by the traffic / comments / favorites / likes / etc. that the work sees, than my own analysis of the successes and failures of the work. So, I want to correct that imbalance. I want to focus on quality. I want to get better.

This will be a bit of an experiment, and I don’t know how long I’ll be away. But I hope to return with something to show for it.

I’ll see you on the other side.

  • Felix Turner

    Good Idea! Will be interesting to see how this affects your productivity.

  • Jacob Heberlie

    Good luck! I suffer from feed addiction too. Turn it off. I hope this message doesn’t get to you for a week.

  • TG

    Mike- I totally get it. In some ways I just want to be a kid again when creating was free, when I didn’t over-think it, when I didn’t care what other people might think (hell, when I wasn’t even aware that anyone might think at all). I’m sick of digital culture and what it’s doing to me: I don’t have ideas of my own anymore, I’ve become a mimic and an editor. My attention span is ruined and I don’t think the same way I used to. I feel like I’m getting dumber, slower and less connected. Ironically.

  • Mode7

    Wow, the scary thing is, it seems like you’ve been offline for way more than 22 days.  Hope you’re getting some good quality time in with the non-internet world!