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Moleskine Sketch | 10-06-2012
Moleskine Sketch | 08-31-2012
Moleskine Sketch | 07-03-2012
First Sketch with vellum 2.0
A Girl | 06-27-2012
A Girl | 06.26.2012
Sketchbook Page | 02.05.2012
Line Topography Update
Charcoal Portrait
Life Drawing at The Stables
Line Topography
Grisaille Underpainting
Line Sketching
The Mode7
Reducing 3,500 to 29
10,000 Choices
Obscure, Destroy | Sketch 5 WIP
Obscure, Destroy | Sketch 4
Jake and Allison
Obscure, Destroy | Sketch 3
Obscure, Destroy | Sketch 2
Obscure, Destroy | Sketch 1
The Light
The Hands
Another Quick Sketch
Moleskine Sketch
Untitled Portrait
Untitled Portrait in Progress
Friday Figure Sketch
NaNoDrawMo Drawing 50
NaNoDrawMo Drawings 48 & 49
NaNoDrawMo Drawings 45-47
NaNoDrawMo Drawings 41-44
NaNoDrawMo Drawings 36 through 40
NaNoDrawMo Drawings 31 through 35
NaNoDrawMo Drawings 28, 29, & 30
NaNoDrawMo Drawings 26 & 27
NaNoDrawMo Drawing 25
NaNoDrawMo Drawings 23 & 24
NaNoDrawMo Drawing 22
NaNoDrawMo Drawings 20 & 21
NaNoDrawMo Drawing 19
NaNoDrawMo Drawing 18
NaNoDrawMo Drawings 16 & 17
NaNoDrawMo Drawing 15
NaNoDrawMo Drawing 14
NaNoDrawMo Drawing 13
NaNoDrawMo Drawing 12
NaNoDrawMo Drawings 10 & 11
NaNoDrawMo Drawings 8 & 9
NaNoDrawMo 2010 Drawings 6 & 7
NaNoDrawMo 2010 Drawings 3, 4, & 5
NaNoDrawMo 2010 Drawings 1 & 2
NaNoDrawMo 2010 Warm-up
First Watercolor
Sketches from The Globe
First Gouache Test
Self-portrait Sketching
Female Standing
Ballpoint Pen Sketch
Looking Down
Ink and Pencil Sketch
Rontoms Sketching
Aalto Lounge Sketching
Vertex Normals Revisited
Making Tubes
A Stroke Renderer
Hello, Sunflow.
Motion-generated Cityscape
Drawing with Architecture
The Start of a Portrait
The 10 Minute Gestures
Making Velocities Visible
Bridget in Conté
Exploring the Data
Flow - First Real Drawing Captured
Bridget (WIP)
Breaktime Sketch
Dr. Sketchy's February Meetup
Portrait of Rochelle
Cloth Study 1
Portrait of a Young Woman
Messy Figure Study
Paul Smith Ad Model
Posh Sketch
Some Portraits
My First Dr Sketchy's Meetup
Daisy Lowe Sketch
Female Nude
Stroke Visualization
Test Render of Groggy Self Portrait
Noise Tube, Meet TouchDesigner
Self Portrait #7
Self Portrait #6
Pushy Face (Self Portrait #5)
Self Portrait #4
Self Portrait Trio
Self Portrait #2
Self Portrait #1
Figure with Hand Near Face
Figure with Hand in Hood
Closed Eyes
NaNoDrawMo Drawing 52
NaNoDrawMo Drawing 51
NaNoDrawMo Drawing 50!
NaNoDrawMo Drawings 35, 36, & 37
NaNoDrawMo Drawings 33 & 34
NaNoDrawMo Drawing 32
NaNoDrawMo Drawing 31
NaNoDrawMo Portraits Galore
NaNoDrawMo Drawings 11 and 12
NaNoDrawMo Drawing 10
NaNoDrawMo Drawing 09
NaNoDrawMo Drawing 08
NaNoDrawMo Drawing 07
NaNoDrawMo Drawings 04, 05, and 06
NaNoDrawMo Drawings 01, 02, and 03
No, srsly.
Some Noise Tube Renders
Noise Tube: Vertex Normals
Noise Tube: The First Renders
Getting in Touch with TouchDesigner
Color Study of a Clock
Window Study
Porting Noise Column
Widen the Gap
Side Zipper Pant
My Favorite New iPhone App
Design Revised
A New Portfolio Site
An Image Transition Prototype
Background Prototype 01
Beginning a Redesign
Hyper Violently Gridded
Hyper Violent
Salt Shaker
Another computeSpectrum() Example
Girl with Big Hat
Distant Voices
Chair and Triangle
Parked Car
Coffee Cup
Starting the Revamp of
Wiimote Holder and Glove Completed
Flow Project Kickoff with Wiimote and IR LED
Noise Column Wallpaper Generator 1.0
Noise Column
Untitled Conté Drawing (Final)
Untitled Conté Drawing Progress 05
Untitled Conté Drawing Progress 04
Untitled Conté Drawing Progress 03
Untitled Conté Drawing Progress 02
Untitled Conté Drawing Progress 01
Late Night Figure Study
i am fully functional
Untitled Work In Progress
Shape Iteration 003
Shape Iteration 002
Shape Iteration 001
Noisy Lines
Constraints: Square, Black & White
Lifestream in Flash 9
Form Iteration Output 001
visp Officially Released
visp Release Update
visp Interface Screenshot and Features Overview
visp Output Sample 002
visp Output Sample 001
ActionScript 3 Spectrum Analyzer
Eat Your Heart Out
Wall of Rotation
Productivity in the Nude
Image Topography Renders
Cordial Avoidance Mood Board
NoiseBreather 1.0
Hand-drawn Blackletter Typeface
Purple People Eater
Nasty paper in water
Ready to jump to HTML
Thinking layout
Cordially Avoiding Layout
Bear in Pool
My friend, Voltron