Untitled Conté Drawing (Final)

+ View the final hi-res image on Flickr.

It’s done. Total time was somewhere between 12 and 14 hours. I did a little work on it last night and finished it up today. So there are two intermediary images that occur between this final crop and the last post on this blog. Again, you can see the full progress in this Flickr set.

Now, I need to find a place to get it framed and get started on the next idea.

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Untitled Conté Drawing Progress 05

Untitled Conte Drawing 008

The image above: after about an hour and a half of work (after watching Obama’s speech). The image below: about another 45 minutes of work. Next up: finishing out the lower-left corner of the shirt, doing a thorough once-over for some value smoothing, and final detail touch-up. Then: onto the next project.

Untitled Conte Drawing 009

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Untitled Conté Drawing Progress 04

Untitled Conte Drawing 007

Really starting to get into the detail now. Visible progress from between photos might not be as noticeable. I created a Flickr set to help catalogue the progress sequentially. It’s a lot easier to see what’s changed from one update to the next.

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Untitled Conté Drawing Progress 03

Untitled Conte Drawing 005

So far so good. I’ll probably spend another couple hours on this tonight. Really trying to keep the white off the black and vice versa.

I realize I need better position-able lighting. And my back and legs are screaming for a better surface to hold the work. Since I’ve slacked in the department of acquiring a proper easel, I’m now starting to wonder if it doesn’t make more sense to get a good drafting table (something like this). I’m not sure yet.

Untitled Conte Drawing 006

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Untitled Conté Drawing Progress 02

Untitled Conte Drawing 004

An update for tonight’s progress.

It’s probably best that I start taking photos of this thing upright, so that’s what you’ll see from now on. In case you’re wondering, the dimensions for this piece are about 20″ x 26″, though it’ll get trimmed down a little bit once it’s finished.

Tonight’s progress was mostly about re-measuring, since I eyeballed everything last night. It’s not precise, but it’s good enough. I also spent some time looking for conté drawings that were done on a middle-value colored ground but only used black and white conté crayons. There’s not much out there. The last time I tried this, things got rather muddy, and I found that using the ground as a “middle grey” made the work feel unfinished.

In other words, this is a warning: this piece might get fucked up the more I work on it.

I’m also thinking about what to do next. Most of my work (art, design, programming) tends to be really precise and tight. I have a hard time loosening up. In my eyes, this tends to make the work a little devoid of “style”. So, for the next piece, I want to start experimenting more. I’m going to try to inject something that gives the work a more human quality.

I have no idea what that means.

By the way, I know the middle finger looks a little wonky right now. It’ll get fixed when more value’s laid down.

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Untitled Conté Drawing Progress 01

Untitled Conté Drawing Progress

Tonight, feeling inspired after reading The War of Art, I decided that I needed to start a new piece. Immediately. With a general idea in mind, I took a few reference photos. I sorted through them. I realized my idea was no good. So I just decided to start.

I picked the first photo that stood out, got out all the dusty art supplies, and made use of what materials I had left from the Nude Aid session a couple years ago.

I’ve been wanting to document the progress of a piece from beginning to end for a little while now. So that’s what I’m going to do with this one. Every time I work on it, I’ll post some shots to show how it’s going. Granted, the photos will be crappy and skewed, but it’s better than nothing.

Untitled Conté Drawing Progress

Untitled Conté Drawing Progress

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i am fully functional

i am fully functional typography sketch+ View the full-size image on Flickr.

I’ve been noodling with drawing some typography with linear textures inside. The story behind the chosen sentence is this:

I was looking for something figurative to draw. I searched through the latest Guardian at a coffee shop. Got all the way to the back without finding anything — except for the “sexy” ads. Apparently, if you’re a transvestite, it’s a favorable thing to be “fully functional”.

Disclaimer: In no way does this sketch imply that I am a transvestite. Or fully functional.

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