Image Topography Renders

image topography render - 2006-10-08 - 01

What started as a way to generate interesting compositions for real paintings that I would paint for my baren walls, turned into an afternoon of fooling around in 3D in Processing. I’m working on some sort of algorithm that makes use of real image data to generate a topographic map. I’m blending that data with some perlin noise to get more natural sweeps and undulations in the form itself.

Here are some more of the results:

image topography render - 2006-10-08 - 02

image topography render - 2006-10-08 - 03

image topography render - 2006-10-08 - 04

Note: These aren’t really renders. They’re just screen dumps from Processing using real-time OpenGL with hardware anti-aliasing turned on. I can manipulate the camera with basic keyboard commands to try and find a nice composition.

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Cordial Avoidance Mood Board

Cordial Avoidance Mood Board 2006-10-07+ view large image

Taking the typeface from a couple days ago and merging with the original sketch comp of the bear in a puddle, I’ve colored and created this general identity / mood board for the Cordial Avoidance label.

Definitely still needs some work. I need to continue to think about how this translates to web / web typefaces / interactive elements. Since this will likely never result in tangible artifacts (i.e. print collateral), I can definitely keep web top of mind.

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NoiseBreather 1.0

NoiseBreather 1.0 Screencap 03

View NoiseBreather.

I started today wanting to make something in Processing. So, I headed over to Daniel Shiffman’s The Nature of Code online courses. I had been wanting to play with Perlin noise for some time now and just started sketching with the newest version of Processing (0118 beta).

What came out was quite the accident. So, I present NoiseBreather (that’s where you can get the source code as well). All it does is use the built-in Perlin noise generator to 1) select a position on the y-axis to draw, 2) adjust the size of the screen-captured area, and 3) pick a color from a randomly generated pallete.

While I really like the granularity of detail as the piece draws, I’m really more interested in the motion itself. So, I think I’ll play with this some more later.

NoiseBreather 1.0 Screencap 02

NoiseBreather 1.0 Screencap 01

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Purple People Eater

Bizarro Purple Flower

I’d like to think that this thing wouldn’t bite my finger off if I tried to touch it. But that might only be wishful thinking.

I didn’t chance it.

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Nasty paper in water

Newspaper in Water+ view large image

I took a very nasty picture of some newspaper drowning in water. I wish the reflection hadn’t been there in a way. But it adds some structure to the image.

Overall, I’m more interested in the murkiness and emergence of the paper in water.

And then it was sharpen filter time.

Newspaper in Water Closeup

And then artifacts emerged. And I really liked the way that the type and other hard edges started to come forward. You start becoming aware of the contours of the shapes — the negative spaces.

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Today, created TODAY, CREATE.

That’s a mouthful. Seriously though, my artifact for today is the site you’re looking at. Every day here I’m going to post something, an artifact, that was created that day. It might be a sketch. It might be some code. It might be a video. It might be anything.

I’m just looking for things to sink my teeth into and explore.

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Ready to jump to HTML

TODAY, CREATE. Layout Sketch 02

Well that didn’t take long. I think this thing’s good to go for production. By the time this makes it to the website, a little visual recursion will be in effect.

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Thinking layout

TC Layout Sketch 01

While creating every day is very important, I realize that this work really needs to be documented in a medium that facilitates real-world feedback. So today’s exercise in one in layout and typography — for the web site.

The image is merely a sketch, and I’ll likely be working on it again tomorrow. Right now I’m thinking in terms of the grid and web-friendly typefaces. In my head I’m going over how data’s stored and navigation elements. I want posting images, movies, and code to require minimal effort, but I don’t want to get caught up in creating a system and a design for all of this. So I’ll have to keep this in check.

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Cordially Avoiding Layout

Cordial Avoidance Layout Test

So, I’m still toying around with ideas. I want serene. I want nearly baren. And I want to start playing with typography considering how bad I am at it. Oh how I wish I started things off in the Graphic Design department at SCAD.

Anyway. Gothic faces. Gothic is what I’m thinking.

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