Bear in Pool

Bear in Pool

So, I’m working toward a general mood board / identity for my friend’s techno label. It’s called Cordial Avoidance. I’m toying with imagery that portrays innocence, solitude, minimalism, and plasticity (is that even a word?). I latched onto the gummy bear a couple weeks ago walking home from work.

I thought, “How completely bizarre that we eat little multi-colored candy animals.” They’re so cute. And innocent. And we devour them by the dozens. They don’t stand a chance; they’ve barely even got nubs for appendages.

I’ll post some more sketches that I’ve created around these guys sometime later.

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My friend, Voltron

Voltron Sketch+ view large image

When I was young, I would draw all the time. My two favorite things to draw were Optimus Prime and Voltron. Seeing as how I drew Optimus Prime quite a bit a couple years ago during Halloween, I thought I’d reach back to Voltron and draw him again after all these years.

I’m starting over again. Reaching back to what’s familiar — to the things that used to compel me to create. I hope that learning how to be obsessed with the process once again will yield new directions and new focus. Here’s to day one.

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